Kevin Gaston


In 2018 I feared my triathlon time had come to an end. With persistent pain in my knee coupled with a history of prior contact sports it felt like endurance sports were going to be part of my past. Enter Lamar – he diagnosed the issues with his signature excellent explanations of what and why things were in pain, exercises to start addressing the issues, and management through techniques to reduce the current issues as well. We resolved that issue, but then have continued further to address other issues from sports, previous injuries, and the daily grind of life. Finally, we have achieved a place now where we can focus on whole body performance and alignment as a firm foundation for success and longevity of sports and wellbeing. It has been truly amazing to see the changes as I continue our visits. If all of this was not enough, I referred my mother, who saw my transformation and testimony of improvement, and Dr. Frasier has helped her recover and prescribed her exercises designed to improve her mobility!

Keturah Orji

Professional Triple Jump Athlete
As a world-class athlete, my body has consistent needs to perform at 100% for practices and competitions. I have been able to work with both Lamar & Morgan and they both are so knowledgeable about the body and have a true desire to help. Their services are individualized and catered specifically to what your body needs. I know that I am more than just a client to them and I can trust that they will hear my concerns and do everything they can to get my body ready to perform.

Avi Nash


As an active athlete (soccer, gymnastics and jiu jitsu) and actor, I rely on my body every day - be it character movement or athletic stress or learning new skills.

I came to Lamar with a curious set of problems - I not only wanted to increase my overall flexibility (through my back and hips) for my posture, but was also dealing with shoulder pain from gymnastics. He is adept at localising the issues at hand, always kept track of our progress, and tailored his approach for someone who couldn't quite get enough rest. After working with Lamar, my shoulder strength and range of motion improved significantly, my posture is far more open and I no longer have pain from gymnastics.

I will continue to work with him as long as I'm in Atlanta as he is a brilliant practitioner, and his guidance is key for me to continue to perform at a high level. He's the best.

Alphonso Jordan

Professional Track & Field Athlete
I have a unique perspective in the quality and care that Dr. Lamar Frasier shows with his patients. I’ve known him since he was a teenager when he babysat for my brother and I. That same attentive detail in watching someone’s children is just as present now as a PT. When he first started his practice, I was his first patient and he’s been exemplary in helping me overcome a chronic leg injury I suffered in 2013. Within three months of seeing Dr. Frasier, I returned to my best to make 3 consecutive US Teams. He’s been even more instrumental in my quest for an Olympic birth at this year’s Games. Needless to say, he’s the best around, and if he has an updated passport, I’d do my best to get him down to Rio.

Stephanie Stonich

A few years ago I started to have lower back pain that just became more chronic to a point that it was impacting my daily activities. Over the last few years I have seen several healthcare practitioners and taken herbal supplements to help with my pain. I was amazed that within the first visit, Lamar was able to identify something that no one else did. He was not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, he explained things in a way that I could easily understand. I’ve been to numerous therapists over the years and the one thing that really stands out for me with Lamar is his passion and dedication in helping his patients with a big smile. Under his care, I have not only seen a decline in my back pain, but have also seen an improvement in my athletic ability, most recently gaining a new PR (personal record) at my most recent marathon. I have referred multiple friends from my athletic community to Lamar and they all say the same thing, “He is great!”. I have actually nicknamed him “Dr. Magic” - he truly has the magic touch and would not be able to gear up for my 3rd Ironman without his help.

Lesley Cortright

Marathoner/Ultra Runner

As a photographer, wife, mother of two girls, Girls on the Run coach and competitive marathoner and ultra marathoner, it goes without saying that I don't like to slow down. I can't say enough great things about Lamar and Georgia Sports Physical Therapy. Lamar's guidance and insight to my body's strength and weaknesses, form and flexibility has not only helped me avoid unnecessary injury, but has also ensured that I don't miss a beat with my training.

I credit Lamar with getting me to the starting line of my first 100-mile trail race healthy. I showed up in his office fairly beat up a couple months before race day and Lamar worked hard with me to repair and strengthen my body, allowing me to not only arrive at the start line, but also cross the finish line of a race that has one of the highest attrition rates.

Lemar Marshall

Professional NFL athlete
Thanks for all the hard work in helping me recover from my injuries. I know you will do well in your new business venture in Atlanta.

Joseph Page

As a recreational cyclist/mountain biker, I’ve experienced debilitating low back and neck pain. After several years of various treatment programs with mixed results, I found Lamar. He performed the Functional Movement Screen and then designed custom exercise programs to correct muscle weaknesses and improve flexibility and posture. In my case, the program emphasized core strength which is vital to both spine health and mountain biking (MTB) performance. I found Lamar to be as fine a teacher as therapist. He can help correct years of poor training habits and replace them with life-long beneficial habits. My back issues are manageable, I am now performing better than ever. I am able to participate in MTB endurance races and actually made podium in a local race last year!

Darien Henry

Division I basketball athlete
Lamar is extremely knowledgeable in his craft. He has often helped me by providing exercises to repair injuries and has answered any questions I had about my various injuries. He always has unique exercise protocols that challenge me as an athlete. Ever since Lamar decided to pursue physical therapy, he has consistently invested time and passion into being an elite therapist.

Rob Weissman

Recreational volleyball player
I have been playing baseball, basketball and volleyball for years and have had countless injuries due to the way I play at 100%. I've been to numerous sports physical therapists for a torn meniscus in my knee, a torn labrum in my shoulder, multiple ankle injuries, a broken wrist, torn hamstrings and more! I have never come across someone like Lamar. The man is an injury GOD. Lamar knows his stuff. He taught me about muscles I never knew existed in my shoulder. He did more than just evaluate me and check in on my progress . . . he owned my therapy program! He was by my side every session while working my muscles, stretching me out, and making sure my form was perfect. He designed exercises specific to my sport to help get me back on the court. If you are reading this, do not even think about seeing someone else. If you can be fixed, Lamar will fix you. He is an athletes’ therapist and he will get you back to the top of your game.

MacKenzie Donahue

Varsity field hockey player
The only good thing about having two hip surgeries was that I found Lamar. There is no way I could have had the recovery I did without him. He helped me recover from my first surgery while working on strengthening my other hip in order to prepare for the subsequent surgery. Lamar helped me to stay positive and keep my eye on my goals! He has a wealth of information and I am so thankful he was there to help me and get me back on the field. The athletes of Atlanta are so lucky to have him!

Mary McKee

Professional squash athlete
I went to see Lamar after I tore my ACL, MCL and meniscus playing squash at the end of September, 2012. Lamar started me on a “pre-hab” program in order to help me regain my flexibility and strength to my knee complex prior to surgery. I then started PT with Lamar about 2 weeks post-surgery. After 6 months, I was running 5 miles a few times a week and returned to the squash court. What separates Lamar from other PTs is that he was able to cater all of my exercises to my body’s strengths and weaknesses and to the sports he knew I wanted to play. Lamar also knew how hard I wanted to work to get better as quickly as possible and he pushed me to get there. I owe a lot to him and to his work ethic and dedication to my care. In addition, Lamar is a pleasure to work with and has a smile on his face every time you go to see him.

John Romero, PT, MA, SCS

Owner Sports and Orthopedic Therapy Services, LLC
Lamar spent 3 months training with me in my private practice as part of his Doctor of Physical Therapy internships. He excelled in all phases of the training ending with a solid grasp of orthopedic and manual strategies and techniques. He has a sharp mind and empathetic but fun personality. Lamar was one of the best interns I have worked with in the 35 years I have been practicing. All my staff enjoyed working with him and my patients greatly benefited from his treatment. I feel comfortable having him work on me and my family.

Lisa Ashby

5k Runner and Tough Mudder
I first went to see Lamar when my knee wanted to get in the way of my running. On my first visit Lamar asked ME what was important to ME and he has never forgotten. I am now 50 and I would say a late bloomer. I have always been active but only competitive in the last few years. Lamar’s thoroughness enabled him to be able to diagnose my problem quickly, fix it and keep me running and jumping. With my new found confidence I’m still running and recently joined my husband and 17 year old son in a Tough Mudder Event. Lamar now has a new job of keeping my knees and shoulders healthy. There is no one else I would trust with this job. I have a lot of running, jumping and climbing left in me and only Lamar can help me stay healthy so I can keep going!

Nora Moore

High School Soccer Athlete
In my last season of club soccer and high school cross country, I began to experience pain in my hip that sometimes prevented me from playing and/ or running. For a couple of months, I went to the athletic trainer at my high school, but I wasn’t making much progress toward recovery, so she referred me to Lamar. Even though I wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly where my pain was, Lamar was able to figure out how to help me recover and build up my strength so that I would be able to play my last high school soccer season without limitations. For about four months, Lamar tried multiple treatments to find a solution that worked and helped to ease my pain. He also made sure that I understood the reasons behind everything he was doing, which was greatly appreciated. Because of Lamar’s extensive knowledge and persistence in finding a solution, I was able to get strong enough to finish out the season and be named to one of the Georgia All-Star teams. I really don’t know what I would have done if I’d never gone to Lamar. He’s the best!

Yolanda Ngarambe

Professional Track & Field Athlete
I wouldn't have been able to train and perform at a world-class level without seeing Phil! I tell people that he is a magician because no matter what type of pain or aches I have, he always seems to find the underlying issue and solves the problem. As a professional runner, I'm constantly pushing myself to be faster and stronger, which is a lot to ask of my body. Thanks to Phil, I have identified weaknesses before they have become an issue and worked through nagging pains until they are gone. I don't know how I would be able to train and race as much as I do without him!
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