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Georgia Sports Physical Therapy (GSPT) is dedicated to providing exceptional, one on one care when assessing and treating your specific injury. Our primary goal is to accurately identify the problem and determine a detailed treatment plan to restore proper function. Emphasis is also placed on preventative measures to maintain gains made while under the direction of GSPT. We differentiate ourselves by determining the origin of your ailment instead of purely treating symptoms. Our services are specifically designed to return patients to athletics, recreational activities, work, or any other tasks that have been affected due to your condition. These services include:

  • Myofascial release: sustained hold at a dysfunctional soft tissue region which is designed to decrease muscular tightness and reduce pain with acute and chronic conditions.
  • Soft tissue mobilization: rhythmic movement at a dysfunctional soft tissue region which is designed to reduce muscular tightness and decrease pain.
  • Joint mobilizations: manual intervention designed to improve joint mobility, ROM, and decrease pain
  • Muscle energy technique: manual intervention utilized to re-align anatomical asymmetries, such as pelvic misalignment and lumbar spine rotations
  • Functional dry needling: use of small needles to deactivate trigger points and loosen shortened muscles
  • Therapeutic exercise: patient specific exercises prescribed to improve deficits such as decreased strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance
  • Therapeutic activities: exercises designed to improve activity specific functional strength and mobility
  • Neuromuscular re-education: activities employed to improve proprioception, balance, and kinesthetic awareness
  • Kinesio Taping: therapeutic taping technique applied to the skin to facilitate or inhibit muscular activity, reduce swelling, and increase joint stability
  • Electrical stimulation: modality designed to facilitate muscular activity, inhibit pain, and reduce swelling
  • Patient education: provide logical reasoning for cause of injury, prognosis expectations, and information on how to prevent reoccurrence of injury
  • Home exercise prescription: detailed summary of activities to perform outside of therapy visits in e-mail and/or print format

Georgia Sports Physical Therapy provides services for patients with the following injury types:

  • Sports medicine
  • Orthopedic
  • Acute, sub-acute, and chronic conditions
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